Terms of use

Dear associate...
We hope you cooperate and help us disseminate the following:

  • Show your membership card while passing by the security reception counter at the building's main entrance.
  • Register the visitors list for any meeting via www.allure-hub.com to be sent to the building security management.
  • Please alert your guests to bring proof of identity.
  • For security reasons in the case of expected guests, please receive the guests at the security management and reception counter on the ground floor and accompany your guests as they leave the building once your meeting is finished.
  • Give your guests a brief idea of the nature of the place and the manners considered to avoid any inconvenience and discomfiture to you.
  • Ladies leaving-time is up to ten o'clock in the evening at maximum.
  • Please comply with the appropriate attire (Shorts and bermudas are not permitted).

Thank you and we appreciate your cooperation.